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Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7

An application that helps you manage multiple remote connections
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RDC Manager is a free Windows utility developed by Microsoft in order to help you manage multiple remote desktop connections. It’s been developed for Terminal Services clients and it’s suitable for servers’ labs where the user may remotely access specific numbers of computers. It will work on all Windows operating systems.

Without this tool, in the best case scenario, the user has to create a desktop shortcut for each remote computer to be accessed. This would be time consuming when you have to deal with tens of connections spreads all-over your desktop. Furthermore, when you create a new connection you can start from a template configuration. This saves precious time, due to the fact that you don’t have to make the same settings every time you create a new connection.

With RDC Manager you can create separated groups of connections, supplying you a better management over computer access. Servers can inherit the login information from the group in which they are included. Remote Desktop Connection Manager also allows you to make multiple remote connections at the same time and switch easily switch between them.

If you have a poor Internet connection then you can disable features like desktop background, font smoothing and other settings that will decrease bandwidth usage.

Briefly, Remote Desktop Connection Manager is a complex application that provides access to a large number of features in order to ease your work when it comes to network management.

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